Sitemap - 2021 - Opus

My Favorite Songs of 2021: Daygraves, Deafheaven, Japanese Breakfast, Low, Lycia, Angel Olsen & more

Weekend Reads (12/25): Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Spider-Man, Mariah Carey

January 2022’s Best Streaming Titles: “The NeverEnding Story,” “Napoleon Dynamite,” “Eternals,” “Harry Potter”

Weekend Reads (12/18): “Dune,” National Film Registry, Anne Rice, Kickstarter

Playlist Breakdown: "Not Thrilled" by Fine China

Weekend Reads (12/11): “The Secret of Kells,” Year-End Lists, George Pérez, Suing Facebook

Weekend Reads (12/4): Chuck E. Cheese, Christopher Nolan, Disney+ Censorship, “Halo”

Subscriber Playlist, December 2021: The Post-Post-Punk Sound

Opus Digest for November 2021

Weekend Reads: Hayao Miyazaki, “Ghostbusters,” U2, NFTs, Pumpkin Pie

December 2021's Best Streaming Titles: “Knight Rider,” “Lost in Space,” “The Expanse,” “The Matrix Resurrections”

Weekend Reads: Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop,” “Every Breath You Take,” Marilyn Manson, “Halo”

Playlist Breakdown: “Indiana” by Starflyer 59

Weekend Reads: Radiohead, ABBA, “Dune,” Disney+, Aaron Rodgers, Space Tacos

Weekend Reads: “Halo,” Underrated Movies, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the Metaverse

Subscriber Playlist, November 2021: "Of the Tooth and the Nail"

Opus Digest for October 2021

Weekend Reads: Starflyer 59, Country Music, Amazon’s “The Wheel of Time,” Section 230

November 2021's Best Streaming Titles: “Cowboy Bebop,” “Inception,” “The Wheel of Time,” “Hawkeye”

Weekend Reads: “Squid Game,” Netflix, “Eleanor Rigby,” New Zealand’s Wizard

Weekend Reads: James Bond, Godzilla, LuLaRoe, Pandora Papers, Facebook

Playlist Breakdown: "A Letter to Elise" by The Cure

Subscriber Playlist, October 2021: "My High School Soundtrack"

Weekend Reads: Babylon 5, R. Kelly, Instagram for Kids, YouTube vs. Anti-Vaxxers

Opus Digest for September 2021

October 2021's Best Streaming Titles: Gladiator, Mad Max, Fight Club, Dune

Weekend Reads: Dune, The Green Knight, The Far Side, Libertarians

Weekend Reads: The Matrix, Norm Macdonald, Chinese Reality TV, Republicans and Liberty

Weekend Reads: Lord of the Rings, Hollywood and 9/11, Keyboard History, Robert E. Lee

Playlist Breakdown: "Inner Universe" by Yoko Kanno feat. Origa and Ben Del Maestro

Weekend Reads: Low, Slowdive, Made-up Movies, Amazon, Deplatforming

Subscriber Playlist, September 2021: The Sounds of Anime

Opus Digest for August 2021

Weekend Reads: Shang-Chi, "The Suicide Squad," Pluto, Biblical Poop Jokes, Afghanistan

September 2021's Best Streaming Titles: "Blade Runner," "Office Space," "Die Hard," "Evil Dead 2"

Weekend Reads: Sonny Chiba, Sudoku, Pi, "Evangelion"

Weekend Reads: Shoegaze, "Field of Dreams," Amazon, COVID's End, Olympics and Anime

Weekend Reads: DC Talk, Time Crystals, "Miami Vice," Pedestrianism, Cowboys, Lionel Messi

Playlist Breakdown: "Plastic Love" by Mariya Takeuchi

Subscriber Playlist, August 2021: A Farewell to Summer

Opus Digest for July 2021

Weekend Reads: Simone Biles, Satoshi Kon, Pop Punk, Deepfakes

Weekend Reads: "Donnie Darko," "Space Jam," Aliens and Pop Stars, The Future of Superhero Movies

August 2021's Best Streaming Titles: "Magnolia," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "Evangelion," "Jurassic Park"

Weekend Reads: Jetpacks, "Silverhawks," "Tenet," Facial Recognition, COVID

Playlist Breakdown: "Reflections in Suspension" by Steve Roach

Weekend Reads: Studio Ghibli's Storytelling, Gundam, Richard Donner (RIP), Trump vs. Big Tech

Weekend Reads: Satoshi Kon, Post-Brexit Post-Punk, Disco, Movie Theaters, Patriotism

Subscriber Playlist, July 2021: Music for Migraines

Opus Digest for June 2021

Weekend Reads: "Robotech," UFOs, "Braveheart," Gift of Gab (RIP), History's Greatest Hacks

July 2021's Best Streaming Titles: "He-Man," "Robocop," "Vertigo," "Black Widow," "Planet of the Apes"

Weekend Reads: Indiana Jones, U2, Netflix Animation, "Lord of the Rings," Juneteenth

Weekend Reads: "Streets of Fire," Anime in Mexico, Twitter Blue, New Atheists

Playlist Breakdown: "Sunset" by DeepChord Presents Echospace

Weekend Reads: Online Privacy, Simone Biles, Paris Hilton, the Tulsa race massacre

Subscriber Playlist, June 2021: Songs for Coding

Opus Digest for May 2021

Weekend Reads 5/29: Marvin Gaye, "Ted Lasso," Cancel Culture, QAnon

June 2021’s Best Streaming Titles: "Lupin," "Batman Begins," "Fight Club," "Loki," "Harry Potter"

Weekend Reads: Mars, Enya, Lil Nas X, Reflections on Blogging

Weekend Reads: Computer Pain, Holodecks, Technology Woes, Confederate Lies, UFOs

Playlist Breakdown: "Puzzlewood" by Plone

Weekend Reads: Comfort TV, Greatest Sitcoms, Spotify, COVID-19 Research, Facebook

Subscriber Playlist, May 2021: A Misremembered Musical History

Opus Digest for April 2021

Weekend Reads: Aphex Twin, Lost Albums, the "Mandela Effect," Sakura Blossoms, the Chronicles of Narnia

Weekend Reads: "Mortal Kombat," Captain America, Morrissey vs. "The Simpsons," Zima

May 2021's Best Streaming Titles: "Love Death + Robots," "M.O.D.O.K.," "The Sixth Sense," "Star Wars," "Tenet"

Weekend Reads: The Cure, Substack, MonsterVerse Movies, Purity Culture, Scientific Ethics

Playlist Breakdown: "Serpents For Eggs" by S.S. Bountyhunter

Weekend Reads: NFTs, "MST3K," "Robotech," Judging Musical Tastes, Wobbling Muons

Weekend Reads: My Bloody Valentine, City Pop, Netflix, Fan Tantrums, Generation X

Subscriber Playlist, April 2021: The Bluest of Velvets

Opus Digest for March 2021

Weekend Reads: Defining Alternative Rock, "Avatar: The Last Airbender," "One Piece," Introverts, Mary Poppins

April 2021's Best Streaming Titles: Die Hard, Inception, DuckTales, Caddyshack, Mortal Kombat

Weekend Reads: Ambient Music's Origins, Country Music's Reckoning, NFTs, Christian Films

Weekend Reads: "The X-Files," U2, COVID Vaccines, "WandaVision"

Playlist Breakdown: "Felicity, Darling" by Ester Drang

Weekend Reads: "Star Trek: Lower Decks," Truly Unique Movies, Purity Culture, Web Nostalgia

Subscriber Playlist, March 2021: A Return to Bushnell

Opus Digest for February 2021

Weekend Reads: Daft Punk, "Your Name," "Ted Lasso," Joss Whedon, Recipe Blogs

March 2021's Best Streaming Titles: "Attack the Block," "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," "Zack Snyder's Justice League," "Godzilla vs. Kong"

Weekend Reads: "Top Gun," Death Metal, Ravi Zacharias, Wombat Poop

Weekend Reads: Prince, "WandaVision," Joss Whedon, MySpace Reborn, Enneagram, Cornerstone Festival

Playlist Breakdown: "Mytho-X" by Mortal

Weekend Reads: "The Emperor's New Groove," Radiohead, Conspiracy Theories, Cosplayers

Subscriber Playlist, February 2021: Even Rivetheads Need Jesus

Opus Digest for January 2021

Weekend Reads: "Donnie Darko," "Harry Potter," Disco, GameStop, A New Blue

February 2021’s Best Streaming Titles: "Inception," "Grosse Pointe Blank," "Dazed and Confused," "The Muppet Show," "Aquaman"

Weekend Reads: Marvin Gaye, Scott Adkins, Aging Goths, Dungeons & Dragons, the Commodore 64

Weekend Reads: Burger King, Netflix's 2021 Schedule, "Big Tech" Bans, White Evangelical Crap, "Star Wars"

Playlist Breakdown: "Subtext" by John Foxx and Harold Budd

Weekend Reads: Four Seasons Total Landscaping, The Simpsons, Christ and Pop Culture, Kendrick Lamar

Subscriber Playlist, January 2021: Harold Budd

Weekend Reads: The Greatest Macs, New Public Domain Works, Flash (RIP), James Doohan, Ted Lasso

Opus Digest for December 2020