Opus Digest for December 2020

A collection of Opus' content from the previous month.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of articles, posts, and tweets. It’s hard to know what you’ve missed. To help with that, I compile a list of each month’s posts and reviews (i.e., the Reader’s Digest version of Opus).

Dec 1: December 2020’s Best Streaming Titles: Black Dynamite, Lord of the Rings, The Expanse, Soul, Wonder Woman 1984

Blaxploitation homage, epic fantasy, TV’s best sci-fi, Pixar’s latest, the return of Wonder Woman, and more.

Dec 1: Kenneth Copeland’s Heavy Metal Judgement on COVID-19

Who knew nonsensical theology made for such awesome breakdowns?

Dec 2: “Mirror Image” by Nick Schofield

Serene-yet-surreal electronic music inspired by “the light and space” of Canada’s national art museum.

Dec 5: New Subscriber Playlist: “Vapor Trails”

Subscribers can listen to a journey through the shadowy nostalgia of vaporwave.

Dec 5: SCP: Overlord: An Atmospheric Action/Horror Short

In this SCP Foundation-inspired fan film, an elite force investigates a cult compound. What could go wrong?

Dec 8: Harold Budd, 1936-2020

The noted ambient composer and pianist collaborated with the likes of Brian Eno, John Foxx, and Robin Guthrie.

Dec 12: “The Wormwood Star Falls” by Songs of Green Pheasant

Duncan Sumpner returns with another album of softly psyched-out folk music.

Dec 12: Patty Jenkins Announces Rogue Squadron

The Wonder Woman director is heading to Star Wars to make “the greatest fighter pilot movie of all time.”

Dec 13: Becoming Heretics and Idolaters for Donald Trump

David French’s latest column discusses the dark path that many Christian Trump supporters are heading down.

Dec 15: Review Round-Up: Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984

Critics find the new Wonder Woman movie to be excessive and over-the-top (in both good and bad ways).

Dec 20: Chandu the Magician: The Original Master of the Mystic Arts (Review)

Modern viewers may wince a bit at the more problematic aspects of this classic fantasy adventure from pre-Code Hollywood.

Dec 22: 25 Movies I Hope to See in 2021 (And Maybe Even in Theaters)

2021’s movies range from a clash between cinema’s greatest titans to Arthurian legend, from ambitious sci-fi to Nicolas Cage at his Nicolas Cage-iest.

Dec 23: “Palomino” by Heligoland

The Paris-based dreampop outfit has released a music video for their new single.

Dec 26: Watch the Final Trailer for the Final Evangelion Film (Which is Finally Done)

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time finally arrives in Japanese theaters on January 23.

Dec 27: Yes, Ted Lasso Really Is as Delightful as You’ve Heard

This endearing Apple TV+ series about an American coaching an English soccer team is one of 2020’s true pop culture highlights.

Dec 28: A Commander, an Android, and a Klingon Walk Into a Casino

One of my favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes finds the fun in a goofy and bizarre plot.