Opus Digest for May 2021

A collection of Opus' best content from the previous month.

With a constant stream of articles, posts, and tweets it’s hard to know what you’ve missed. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of the previous month’s best posts and reviews (i.e., the Reader’s Digest version of Opus).

May 1: May 2021’s Best Streaming Titles: Love Death + Robots, M.O.D.O.K., The Sixth Sense, Star Wars, Tenet

Animation for adults, Patton Oswalt’s superhero shenanigans, dead people, the Bad Batch, Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi spectacle, and more.

May 9: New Subscriber Playlist: “A Misremembered Musical History”

Subscribers can listen to a 90-minute exploration of Ghost Box Records’ bizarre and beguiling music.

May 11: “Dreamways” by The Pattern Forms

The psychedelic pop group returns with a dreamy new single.

May 11: A New Trailer for David Lowery’s The Green Knight

I really, really hope this turns out to be a great Arthurian movie.

May 14: Tales by Morella’s Forest (Review)

After three decades, the long-lost album from Ronnie and Jason Martin’s (Joy Electric, Starflyer 59) first band is finally released.

May 21: “A Little Dancing” by Acid House Kings

The Swedish pop group returns with their first new music in almost a decade.

May 23: The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep by H. G. Parry (Review)

A delightfully clever novel that’s a must-read for people who enjoy the idea of their favorite characters coming to life.

May 30: Salmon Sundays

A pandemic-inspired cooking routine has become one of our weekly highlights.

May 31: A Trailer for Starflyer 59’s Life in Bed

Starflyer 59’s upcoming single will be accompanied by a short film.