Opus Digest for January 2021

A collection of Opus' content from the previous month.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of articles, posts, and tweets. It’s hard to know what you’ve missed. To help with that, I compile a list of each month’s posts and reviews (i.e., the Reader’s Digest version of Opus).

Jan 1: My Favorite Songs of 2020: epic45, Fine China, Khruangbin, Makeup and Vanity Set, Spectres, Unleash the Archers & More

26 songs that provided me with moments of beauty, serenity, hope — and yes, maybe even a little fun.

Jan 1: January 2021’s Best Streaming Titles: Enter the Dragon, The Truman Show, Dr. Strangelove, WandaVision, Mad Max: Fury Road

Bruce Lee, Jim Carrey’s reality TV, precious bodily fluids, WandaVision, stunning post-apocalyptic mayhem, and more.

Jan 4: “Norte” by Adiós Cometa

The Costa Rican dreampop band is the latest member of the Velvet Blue Music family.

Jan 5: “Mood Swing” by Glixen

Seriously, what is it with Arizona and fuzz-laden shoegaze/dreampop par excellence?

Jan 5: The Paradox Men by Charles L. Harness (Review)

A blend of hard science, historical philosophy, and “B” movie escapades that’s by turns fascinating, fun, and frustrating.

Jan 6: Trump’s Chaos

He would rather watch our country burn than ever admit that he was wrong, or worse, that he lost.

Jan 8: Supporting Opus in 2021

If you enjoy reading Opus, then there are several ways that you can support my efforts.

Jan 10: New Subscriber Playlist: “Harold Budd”

A tribute to the celebrated minimalist and ambient music composer.

Jan 11: Opus in Numbers (2020 Edition)

Opus experienced some slow, steady growth during 2020, which is very gratifying.

Jan 12: “Fab Tool” by Carpenter Brut (feat. David Eugene Edwards)

The synthwave maestro is joined by one of American music’s most distinctive voices.

Jan 12: “Altered States” by Woob

Darkly pulsing synthwave channeled from the shadowy recesses of the ’80s.

Jan 13: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Makes the Galaxy a Much Bigger Place

This successful video game uses what’s familiar about Star Wars to show us new things in a galaxy far, far away.

Jan 17: Cornerstone 2007 Band Photos

A collection of band photos from the final Cornerstone Festival that I attended, featuring Starflyer 59 and State Bird.

Jan 22: Alice in Borderland by Shinsuke Sato (Review)

Netflix’s manga adaptation is an entertaining blend of angst-y melodrama and dark, bloody suspense.

Jan 25: Godzilla vs. Kong’s Trailer Gives Us a Taste of the Monster Smackdown We’ve All Been Waiting For

Well, everyone knows that Godzilla is a good guy. What this trailer presupposes is… maybe he isn’t.

Jan 25: “Towards the Light” by Hiroco.M

The perfect soundtrack for experiencing a world covered in newly fallen snow.

Jan 26: Hold You Up by Zelienople (Review)

The Chicago trio’s shadowy post-rock is hypnotic, meandering, and consistently captivating.

Jan 31: Mark Dacascos’ Drive Is Getting the 4K Blu-ray Treatment

This hidden martial arts action gem from the late ’90s is finally getting the exposure it deserves.

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