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Playlist Breakdown: “September Brings the Autumn Dawn” by HoodA slice of pastoral post-rock that remains forever abstract and otherworldly.
Playlist Breakdown: “Good Cop, Bad Cop” by Everything but the GirlA heart-wrenching blend of soulful vocals, downtempo vibes, and jungle beats.
Playlist Breakdown: “New Grass” by Talk TalkListen now (4 min) | A breathtaking bit of pastoral post-rock from the one-time synth-pop outfit.
Playlist Breakdown: “Words” by LowListen now (4 min) | A haunting song that introduced me to one of my favorite bands of all time.
Playlist Breakdown: “Less Human” by DaygravesListen now (3 min) | A searing song about personal suffering and hope from the solo blackgaze project.
Playlist Breakdown: “Morgon” by DemenListen now (4 min) | A shadowy piece of solemn and ceremonial atmospherics by a truly enigmatic artist.
Playlist Breakdown: “Movies” by For StarsListen now (2 min) | A slice of earnest, heartfelt indie-pop from the late ’90s.
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