Opus Digest for April 2021

A collection of Opus' best content from the previous month.

With a constant stream of articles, posts, and tweets it’s hard to know what you’ve missed. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of the previous month’s best posts and reviews (i.e., the Reader’s Digest version of Opus).

Apr 1: April 2021’s Best Streaming Titles: Die Hard, Inception, DuckTales, Caddyshack, Mortal Kombat

John McClane, Christopher Nolan’s dream thieves, Scrooge McDuck, Bill Murray vs. a gopher, a video game adaptation, and more.

Apr 2: Some Random Thoughts on Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong

It’s a kaiju battle for the ages, but it’s also a few too many movies crammed into one.

Apr 3: “Waves” by ISON

The perfect soundtrack for staring into the night sky and contemplating your place in the cosmos.

Apr 7: Donald Trump’s Dark Patterns

The Trump campaign’s shady fundraising tactics are very much of a piece with Trump’s extensive history of grift.

Apr 11: New Subscriber Playlist: “The Bluest of Velvets”

Subscribers can listen to a celebration of all things Velvet Blue Music.

Apr 13: Review Round-Up: Hideaki Anno’s Evangelion: 3.0+1.0

What are critics saying about the long-awaited final film of the storied anime franchise?

Apr 14: 40 Years of Faith: The Cure’s Melancholy Masterpiece Still Rings True

Even after four decades, The Cure’s third album remains one of their most powerful and poignant releases.

Apr 17: Upcoming Seefeel Reissues From Warp Records

All of the band’s mid ’90s output is getting reissued by Warp Records.

Apr 18: Concert Video: Namelessnumberheadman (3/5/2004, Kansas City)

Namelessnumberheadman specializes in creating really cool, synth-laden indie-rock full of heart and soul.

Apr 21: Concert Video: Denison Witmer at Cornerstone 2002

Witmer’s Cornerstone sets made for a nice change of pace from all of the punk and hardcore bands.

Apr 23: Concert Video: Starflyer 59 at Cornerstone 2002

Two songs from an amazing Starflyer 59 performance.

Apr 26: Updating From ExpressionEngine 2 to ExpressionEngine 6

The process went more smoothly than I’d anticipated, but it was not without some hassles.

Apr 28: Concert Video: Rosie Thomas at Cornerstone 2002

Rosie Thomas’ sets are always a delight thanks to her charming personality and heartbreaking music.

Apr 28: Yume No Machi by Opus Science Collective (Review)

Opus Science Collective’s latest is a love letter to all things city pop.

Apr 29: #ReleaseTheMustacheCut

Corridor Digital rights a wrong and envisions what a mustachioed Superman might look like.