Sitemap - 2023 - Opus

My Favorite Songs of 2023, Featuring The Declining Winter, Depeche Mode, Everything But the Girl & Slowdive

Weekend Reads (Dec 23): Virtual Concerts, Public Domain Day, TikTok Shoegaze

January 2024’s Best Streaming Titles: “Pulp Fiction,” “Masters of the Air,” “Godzilla,” “Dr. Strangelove,” “John Wick”

24 Movies That I’m Looking Forward to Seeing in 2024

Weekend Reads (Dec 16): Hayao Miyazaki, Andre Braugher (RIP), Netflix, Google, “M*A*S*H”

Playlist Breakdown: “Appetite” by Prefab Sprout

Weekend Reads (Dec 9): Godzilla, Comixology, HTML, Messi, Chocolate

15 of My Favorite “M*A*S*H” Moments

Weekend Reads (Dec 2): Time Travel Movies, David Fincher, K-dramas, Spotify, Whales

Subscriber Playlist, December 2023: “Pop Sophistication”

Opus Digest, November 2023

December 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: “Reacher,” “Doctor Who,” “The Matrix,” “The Hunt For Red October,” “Wonder Woman”

Weekend Reads (Nov 25): Elon’s Cybertruck, Horror, Christopher Nolan, Apple TV+

Weekend Reads (Nov 18): Gavin Bryars, ChatGPT, Magicians, College Football Coaches

Playlist Breakdown: “Quiet Room” by Tor Lundvall

Weekend Reads (Nov 11): Disney Innovations, Hollywood Strikes, Boomboxes, Neil Gaiman

Weekend Reads (Nov 4): Matthew Perry (RIP), Godzilla, SEO vs. Google, Sam Bankman-Fried

Subscriber Playlist, November 2023: Ghost Ambient

Opus Digest for October 2023

Weekend Reads (Oct 28): Richard Roundtree (RIP), Cocteau Twins, Spotify, Microsoft Word, Hugo Awards

November 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: “Jurassic Park,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” “Aliens,” “Scott Pilgrim”

Weekend Reads (Oct 21): “The Real Ghostbusters,” Michael Caine, Bandcamp Woes, Pepper X

Playlist Breakdown: “Psycho-Lizards (Sane Mix)” by Jyradelix

Weekend Reads (Oct 14): Taylor Swift, A24 Films, AI vs. Authors, the Rothschilds, Crash Test Dummies

Weekend Reads (Oct 7): QAnon, Google, TikTok, Netflix

Opus Digest for September 2023

Subscriber Playlist, October 2023: Rave Unto the Lord

Weekend Reads (Sep 30): Netflix, Motley Crüe, Taylor Swift, Google Doodles

October 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: “Bubba Ho-Tep,” “Loki,” “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hackers,” “Dune”

Weekend Reads (Sep 23): “Calvin and Hobbes,” Toronto International Film Festival, “The Brady Bunch,” Lemuria

Playlist Breakdown: “Slowbleed” by Alison’s Halo

Weekend Reads (Sep 16): Studio Ghibli, Drew Barrymore, Shakespeare Conspiracies, Chocolate

Playlist Breakdown: “Rutti” by Slowdive

Weekend Reads (Sep 9): James Webb Telescope, CCM, Rotten Tomatoes, Burning Man

Weekend Reads (Sep 2): Google, “Starfield,” Netflix vs. South Korea, Nebraska Volleyball

Subscriber Playlist, September 2023: Catching the Breeze

Opus Digest for August 2023

The Slowdive Digest

September 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: “2001,” “Dracula,” “The Lego Movie,” “Band of Brothers,” “Star Trek: Lower Decks”

Weekend Reads (Aug 26): Elon Musk, AI and Copyrights, Hackers, the Return of CDs

Playlist Breakdown: “Stare Into Light” by Velour 100

Weekend Reads (Aug 19): iMacs, Steve Albini, “The Ten Commandments”

Don’t Forget About the “7K Giveaway”

Weekend Reads (Aug 12): Spotify, Poptimism, Taylor Swift, William Friedkin (RIP), GIFs

36 of the Best Titles Currently Streaming on Kanopy (Part 2)

36 of the Best Titles Currently Streaming on Kanopy (Part 1)

Weekend Reads (Aug 5): Hip-Hop History, Slowcore, AI vs. the Bible, TV Remotes, Pee-wee Herman

Opus Digest for July 2023

The 7K Giveaway

Subscriber Playlist, August 2023: Heavenly Voices, Volume One

Weekend Reads (Jul 29): Twitter (RIP), “Oppenheimer,” Barbie Theology, Hayao Miyazaki, Sinéad O’Connor

August 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: Amadeus, Ahsoka, Ong Bak, The Naked Gun, Paddington

Weekend Reads (Jul 22): “Akira,” Best Action Films, Tom Cruise, Bruce Lee, Jason Aldean, The Cure

Weekend Reads (Jul 15): “Gunbuster,” Barbie, the Wilhelm Scream, the 2023 Emmys, Mix Tapes

Playlist Breakdown: “Dark Divine” by Fold Zandura

Weekend Reads (Jul 8): Indiana Jones, Mid-2023 Recaps, Threads, Disney+

Subscriber Playlist, July 2023: A Return to Bushnell, Volume 2

Opus Digest for June 2023

Weekend Reads (Jul 1): “Star Trek,” “Piranesi,” Typography, Google vs. Canada, Alan Arkin (RIP)

July 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: “Gladiator,” “Foundation,” “Alien,” “Caddyshack,” “The Karate Kid”

Weekend Reads (Jun 24): Projekt Records, Power Metal, Genndy Tartakovsky, Wikipedia, Vaccine Debates

Weekend Reads (Jun 17): Spider-Legos, Reddit Woes, Praise & Worship, Godzilla, Worf

Playlist Breakdown: “Write in Water” by Love Spirals Downwards

Weekend Reads (Jun 10): The Cure, Disney Censorship, Mid-Year Lists, Alien Life

Weekend Reads (Jun 3): Dirty Harry, Racist Movie Reviews, Ambient Country, Fandoms Run Amok

Subscriber Playlist, June 2023: Of These Reminders, Volume 2

Opus Digest for May 2023

Weekend Reads (May 27): Nightcrawler, Tina Turner (RIP), Disney Remakes, Video Game History

June 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: “Blazing Saddles,” “Avatar,” “Dune,” “Enter the Dragon,” “Fiddler on the Roof”

Playlist Breakdown: “Boys Don’t Matter” by Blueboy

Weekend Reads (May 20): “Alf,” The CW, MTV News, Projekt Records, TikTok, Tim Keller (RIP)

Weekend Reads (May 13): “Trigun,” “Vertigo,” The Cure, Eurovision 2023, Dooce

Weekend Reads (May 6): “Star Trek,” Ed Sheeran, AI Fears and Concerns, the iMac

Opus Digest for April 2023

Subscriber Playlist, May 2023: Twee AF

Weekend Reads (Apr 29): “E.T.,” AI, Netflix and DVDs, Awesome Kids Music, “Star Trek”

May 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: Freaks & Geeks, Parasite, Speed, The Last Unicorn, Demon Slayer

Weekend Reads (Apr 22): Superhero Movies, Quentin Tarantino, Record Stores, INXS, Fox News

Playlist Breakdown: “Walk to the Water” by U2

Weekend Reads (Apr 15): “The Simpsons,” “Star Wars,” Everything But the Girl, NPR vs. Twitter

Weekend Reads (Apr 8): Ryuichi Sakamoto (RIP), Aging Rock Stars, Missing Movies, “Super Mario Bros.”

Subscriber Playlist, April 2023: Songs From a Blood Red Sky

Opus Digest for March 2023

Weekend Reads (Apr 1): Cyberpunk, AI Romance, E3, Best Sports Movies

April 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: The Big Lebowski, Coraline, Doctor Who, Psycho

Weekend Reads (Mar 25): ChatGPT, Slumberland Records, Worship Leaders, the Internet Archive

Weekend Reads (Mar 18): The Oscars, “Naatu Naatu,” Japanese Surf Rock, U2, The Cure

Playlist Breakdown: “September Brings the Autumn Dawn” by Hood

Weekend Reads (Mar 11): Floppy Disks, Michelle Yeoh, Movie Stunts, “The Last of Us”

Weekend Reads (Mar 4): “Dilbert,” Fox News, the Internet Movie Database, TikTok, Pancakes

Subscriber Playlist (March 2023): Straight Outta West Yorkshire

Opus Digest for February 2023

Weekend Reads (2/25): Steven Spielberg, Leiji Matsumoto (RIP), Roald Dahl, Ukraine

March 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: “Pulp Fiction,” “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Ted Lasso,” “The Mandalorian,” “Luther”

Weekend Reads (Feb 18): “Groundhog Day,” Zbigniew Preisner, Jane Fonda, “All Your Base”

Playlist Breakdown: “Good Cop, Bad Cop” by Everything but the Girl

Weekend Reads (2/11): “Skinamarink,” Pop Culture Criticism, North Korea

Weekend Reads (2/4): Mark Hollis, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Jafar Panahi, M&M’s

Subscriber Playlist (February 2023): Vibrations From 47 Years of Life

Opus Digest for January 2023

Weekend Reads (Jan 28): Oscars, Action Movies, Autechre, Aliens, Marie Kondo

February 2023’s Best Streaming Titles: “Shaft,” “Black Panther,” “The Terminator,” “Lord of the Rings”

Weekend Reads (Jan 21): Trogdor, Hollywood, AI Woes,

Playlist Breakdown: “New Grass” by Talk Talk

Weekend Reads (Jan 14): Spotify and the Music Industry, “The Legend of Zelda,” “Phineas and Ferb,” Andrew Tate, Brazil

Weekend Reads (Jan 7): James Webb Space Telescope, “The Rings of Power,” Netflix Cancellations, Football

Subscriber Playlist (January 2023): It’s Gonna Be Alright

Opus Digest for December 2022