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Playlist Breakdown: "May All Saints" by Joy ElectricListen now (3 min) | Ronnie Martin crafts a synth-pop Psalm.
Playlist Breakdown: "Not Thrilled" by Fine ChinaListen now (3 min) | Fine China returned after a 13-year hiatus with some of their best music to date.
Playlist Breakdown: “Indiana” by Starflyer 59Listen now (3 min) | Starflyer 59’s sophomore album contained this masterpiece of mope-rock.
Playlist Breakdown: "A Letter to Elise" by The CureListen now (3 min) | An elegantly heartbreaking ballad as only Robert Smith and The Cure could write.
Playlist Breakdown: "Inner Universe" by Yoko Kanno feat. Origa and Ben Del MaestroListen now (2 min) | A stunning blend of classical, choral, and electronic music for a cyberpunk classic.
Playlist Breakdown: "Plastic Love" by Mariya TakeuchiListen now (3 min) | The most iconic city pop single of all time.
Playlist Breakdown: "Reflections in Suspension" by Steve RoachListen now (2 min) | One of most sublime ambient compositions of all time.
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