Opus Digest for October 2020

Highlighting Opus' best content from the previous month.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of articles, posts, and tweets. It’s hard to know what you’ve missed. To help with that, I compile a list of each month’s most notable posts and reviews (i.e., the Reader’s Digest version of Opus).

10/1: October 2020’s Best Streaming Titles: Metallica, Spaceballs, James Bond, The Mandalorian, Enter the Dragon

Enter Sandman, Lone Starr vs. Dark Helmet, the return of Baby Yoda, Bruce Lee, and more.

10/4: New Subscriber Playlist: Know Who You Are at Every Age

Subscribers can listen to a selection of artists whose songs bear the Cocteau Twins’ indelible touch.

10/11: The Expanse Is the Best Sci-Fi Show on TV Right Now

With its beloved characters, gripping storylines, and impressive world-building, The Expanse is sci-fi TV par excellence.

10/15: “Un​-​Savage” by Luxury

The legendary indie-rock quintet return with a collection of unreleased material.

10/17: “Shamed” by Iress

Iress’ latest album is another sublime example of how metal and shoegaze can complement each other.

10/17: Promise by SUSS (Review)

The New York outfit’s music conjures up wide-open spaces and desert vistas perfect for a pandemic-inspired getaway.

10/19: Review Round-Up: Pete Docter and Kemp Powers’ Soul

Pixar’s latest feature, a heady trip into spiritual realms, will be released on Disney+ this Christmas.

10/19: “Metaz form8” by Autechre

The electronic duo’s latest album contains moments of subtle beauty quite unlike their previous output.

10/22: Тюрьма by Джуна (Review)

The Moscow-based band walks the line between Cure-ish post-punk and shoegazer-y atmospherics.

10/22: Review Round-Up: Takashi Yamazaki’s Lupin III: The First

Critics react to the latest version of the legendary manga and anime anti-hero, now in 3DCG.

10/27: The Quest RPG Announces Two New Kickstarter Campaigns for 2021

The indie RPG has announced some big plans for the coming year.

10/29: “Summer Madness” by Khruangbin

The cover of this funk classic is Khruangbin at their Khruangbin-iest.

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