Opus Digest for May 2020

Highlighting Opus' best content from the past month.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of articles, posts, and tweets. It’s hard to know what you should read and what you’ve missed. To help with that, Opus subscribers get a list of each month’s most notable posts and reviews (i.e., the Reader’s Digest version of Opus).

May 1: May 2020’s Best Streaming Titles: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Hannah Gadsby, Batman Begins, Fantastic Mr. Fox

Airbending, stand-up comedy, the Caped Crusader, stop-motion animation, and more.

May 2: Bill McClintock’s Immaculate Mashups

Enter a musical world where Slayer, Katrina and the Waves, the Jackson 5, Van Halen, and countless others were destined to be together.

May 3: New Subscriber Playlist: “Join Our Club (A Saint Etienne Celebration)”

Subscribers can listen to a deep dive into the discography of one of my favorite pop groups.

May 3: Alex Garland’s Devs Is Heady, Philosophical Sci-Fi Destined for a Cult Following (Review)

Alex Garland’s latest explores free will, determinism, and the nature of reality against a Silicon Valley backdrop.

May 6: In Search of Tomorrow: The definitive ‘80s sci-fi documentary?

The four-hour-long film will feature “insights and anecdotes from an extensive collection of experts and iconic talent.”

May 8: Concerning “Plandemic” and Other Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

During times of fear and stress, like a global pandemic, conspiracy theories offer a false sense of agency and control.

May 10: SAC_2045 Is an Empty Shell of a Ghost in the Shell Title (Review)

From its lifeless 3DCG animation to its nonsensical storyline, the latest Ghost in the Shell title underwhelms in every way.

May 14: “Deep Blue” by The Midnight

All of the usual elements in The Midnight’s ‘80s-tastic sound are there in full measure, and thankfully so.

May 14: Amazon’s The Vast of Night Takes on the Classic UFO Story

Critics are singing the praises of Andrew Patterson’s directorial debut.

May 18: An Open Letter to Senator Ben Sasse Concerning His Fremont High Commencement Speech

In just seven minutes, Sasse dismissed psychology, mocked students’ fitness, insulted Jeremys everywhere, and much more.

May 20: We Were Never Here by Epic45 (Review)

The duo’s latest collection of nostalgia-soaked songs contains some of their most abstract and affecting music to date.

May 22: Amazon’s Tales From the Loop Is a Haunting and Melancholy Sci-Fi Anthology (Review)

Amazon’s latest sci-fi series is set in a small midwestern town where strange phenomena occurs every day.

May 24: The Wanting Mare

This Shane Carruth-produced fantasy film looks impressive.

May 25: Offering to the Morning Fog by Robert Rich (Review)

Robert Rich’s latest album is a response to listeners’ requests for music that can help them during these uncertain times.

May 31: Remembering George Floyd

There are centuries-old systems in this country that have lead to tragedies like George Floyd’s death.

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