Listen to a Sample Subscriber Playlist: "A Musical History"

Preview of one of the perks available to paying subscribers.

Arguably my primary goal with Opus has been to expose people to beautiful, excellent music that they might otherwise miss out on because it flies under most people’s rader. A secondary goal has been encourage people to revisit music they might’ve once dismissed, to reassess “classic” music that no longer seems relevant.

Which is why I’ve created “A Musical History,” an example of the playlists that will be sent to paying subscribers on a monthly basis.

“A Music History” compiles 24 songs that I consider important to me on a personal level. Perhaps they exposed me to a new genre or possibility in music. Maybe they helped me through a difficult time in life. Or they might’ve inspired me in my own musical and artistic pursuits. (Or some combination thereof.)

In any case, every single one of these songs played a critical role in my life, and my development as a music listener, lover, and critic. I hope you enjoy them like I have.

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If you like what you hear, and want to get more playlists like this, along with other exclusives, then consider becoming a paid subscriber.

I’d love to hear what you think of these songs in the comments. Or maybe write about some of the songs that have been important to you over the years. Let’s discover some new music together.